How to create HTML web pages from Notepad? [ HTML basics step wise explained for beginners ]

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

HTML is not a programming language. It is a markup language to give instructions to a web browser.

It is the most commonly used language to create web pages.

HTML is easy to learn.

This blog post will help you create your first web page with step by step guide.

Ever thought to start your own website? Today I will help you do that. Let’s start from scratch. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a simple and easy to learn language which gives instructions to a web browser on how to display data(images, texts, videos, audio, etc.).

Hope you are not interested in knowing the history related stuffs about HTML. So I am simply skipping all those things. Before we start I assume you have:

1. A Windows PC

2. Basic knowledge on text editor like Notepad.

If you have both, move ahead!

So, Let’s get started with creating our first web page. First open Notepad on your PC.

STEP 1: Open Notepad on your PC and start writing HTML Codes

First open notepad on your PC. And start writing some codes. Do not worry if you are not able to understand the code, because we are just learning how to save your html file. We will understand the code bit by bit later on.

HTML codes on notepad
The picture contains simple html codes

Copy and paste the following code to your Notepad. The code is here:

STEP 2: Save your HTML File: Go to File>Save As

On the top of Notepad Window, you can see the menu File, Edit, Format, View, Help. Click on File then select Save As Button. Then another window to save your file will appear, which will look like this:

The image is the screenshot of Save As window of Notepad.

Enter the file name as shown above, here I have given “pagename.html” which can be anything but ending with “.html”.
Important step: Under the Save as type field choose “All files” instead of “Text Document” which is default.

STEP 3: View the Saved web page in Browser

Now right click on previously saved “pagename.html” and click on Open With then choose any of the web browser from there. It will open the output of your previously typed HTML code.

You will see the output in the browser which is your first web page. Yes, you have made your first web page.

Your First web page made with html.
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