About the Blog

This is a technical blog, specially created for technology enthusiasts. All the posts posted on this blog are for educational purpose only. I am not responsible if someone will misuse the information provided on this blog. The blog will basically help you to answer various technical “How to’s”.

Hi there! I’m Bijay Kumar from Odisha. Currently pursuing my B. Tech in Information and Technology. I have not developed the site to please somebody. This website is for my learning purpose only. I have made this blog to provide some tested tricks and tips on some of topics that I have learnt and tested practically. Please feel free to discuss any misleading information provided on the blog(if any).

About the developer:

  • Full Name: Bijay Kumar Sahoo
  • SKILLS :
    Coding Languages : HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, Java Script, C, C++, Java
    Development Environments : Android Studio, Arduino IDE
    Graphics Designing : Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Blender
    Others : Website Management, Kali Linux, MS Office

If you are interested in being a partner to develop this blog and/or write some blog posts here. You are welcome!